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A helping hand

After hearing "Love call me home" I decided to make this painting. It can be seen as a celebration of friendship (again), of kindness or love.

It is important to give a helping hand to the people we care about, to help them achieve their dream, pursue new ones...

But it is equally important to help and be kind to other people. Together we are stronger and we can go further. That it is also what the community is about. Our choir is more than a choir. For one, I have met some incredible people and made some of my best memories of the past few years with you. I have only been with you for 2 years but am really fond of the choir. When last June, I thought it was my last concert with you (the one with the Central Band of the Royal British Legion) I felt sad. I was sad to leave the choir behind me. But then I found a job in London and came back. It only took me a minute to decide to join again even though I was living in North London and coming to the choir in South London. I can tell you that I am not ready to leave the choir soon! I am grateful I found WCC so quickly after moving to London and am also grateful for the support it has given me during the lockdown. Lockdown was weird for me but on the positive side, I have spoken with lots of new people in the choir, lot more than I usually do on a Tuesday. The choir have brought me some of my dearest friends now and the opportunity to create every week an artwork for you.

So there will always be someone to give you a helping hand in the choir because we are far more than a choir.

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Lovely lovely lovely and I do so agree. Eve


Such heart felt feelings and kind thoughts!


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