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A tribute to friendship

This week artwork is all about friendship. I see life as a book, some people we meet are with us for the whole book, some for a few pages, for a few chapters and some were here from the beginning but we realise their importance only in the end. But it doesn't matter, they will all bring something to your life. I am the kind of person who would fight to save a friend, who would cross an ocean or a country just to be there when they call and need comfort or just to share some joy with them. Friends are the family we choose, they are part of what we are.

So this is a tribute to all our friends, new ones, old ones, no matter if they are living close or far, a tribute to true friendship.

And remember, there is always someone somewhere who cares for you, you might not just see it right now but there is always someone...

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Such lovely sentiments! ☺

Gefällt mir
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