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Blue John

This week I went for some more simple approach but it turned out to be more complicated to do for me than my usual work.

I have always been interested in minerals, fossils and in what our past and history has to show us. That's probably why my first vocation was to become a palaeontologist. I never pursue that career as I was advised not to do it but it has always stayed an important part of my life. I have an important collection of minerals and fossils, even some prehistoric tooth pendant at my parents home but did not know what a Blue John was... So for today's post, I choose to go and dig a bit. After some research and Soo's help, I am taking you inside the mine. Will you come with me and explore the mine? But do not worry, this lantern will never let you in the dark. Can you see it? Move your lantern closer to the stone and you will see all its shades, from a deep purple to dark blue...

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2 комментария

Like the way you've crated the 'purple hint'. It notices more when viewed closely like you said. (The imaginary lantern, so to speak!)



Lovely! Any thing less complex would not do justice to the beauty of the Blue John song! Well done. Eve

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