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Hi :) How are you doing? This week's artwork was inspired by the song "You've got a friend". I have missed seeing friends a lot. Almost as much as not seeing my family. I will probably be able to see my friends long before seeing my family but it will be such a relief as I miss the friends I made here. As I wrote already last year they have been an incredible help during the lockdown. This drawing is a tribute to all my friends here and abroad, the one I usually see regularly, the one I see once a year, the one I haven't seen in years... because it doesn't matter, they are always with me. And I know that no matter how far apart we are now, I am also by their side. I do miss hugging people. I don't usually hug people but when I befriend someone, become a real friend, I do it with all my heart and I truly like hugging them. So to all my friends out there, once I can be ready for massive hugs!

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