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Here you are tenors...

Hi! Hope you are all fine.

Back to the Choir members as animals. After the women section, we are starting with the men. Here are the tenors as pigeons. But not "basic" pigeon no... those pigeons are special breeds that breeders select and exhibit. On the left, you have the Indian fantail pigeon, in the centre the Capuchin and on the right the Oriental Frill. I have seen them for real as my brother breeds animals for those exhibitions and they are amazing and beautiful pigeons. I could never have imagined there were so many breeds! So many colours and shapes! My brother even started breeding the capuchin one and another breed called frill back pigeon (you can have a look on google they are really fancy).

I hope you all like this one. As soon as possible I will post the last one of this series, the basses. And then start some Christmassy stuff.

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