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Let Us Be Together

Something that a number of the choir supported through Fiona Bower last year:

Dear friends,

I wanted to tell you about a live-stream concert I am doing on Friday June 5th at 8pm. It’s going to be the Grand Finale to my fundraising recital series. I will be playing a number of solos and collaborating with some fabulous musicians to bring you a varied and entertaining event.

Many of you will remember that I did a series of 32 recitals across the UK last year (ah, those halcyon days when music could be live!). My programme “Far from the Home I Love” drew its inspiration from the stories and music of some of the many composers who migrated throughout history. This live-stream concert will continue that theme and will include pieces by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Dvorak and Korngold.

The goal of my project is to raise £88,000, which is £1,000 for every key on the piano. Amazingly, I have only about £6,000 to go! Of course, you can watch the live-stream without any charge, but we are hoping that people will make a donation for attending the concert. All the musicians are giving their services for free. To make a donation please go to Your generosity could help us achieve the target!

The money raised will go to support the work of City of Sanctuary creating a culture of welcome for those seeking sanctuary. Our refugees and asylum seekers have been particularly hard hit during the current pandemic, with many unable even to access accommodation.

So please join me on Friday 5th, and do pass this invitation to everyone you know who might be interested in this musical offering so we can get as many viewers as we can! To watch, simply tune into or It will also be on my website

Hoping you are safe and well in these difficult times,

Margaret x

To make a donation please click here

Download my charity single Memories from my Land

Visit my YouTube channel Soothing Music for Lockdown

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