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The night watch

Hi! 👋👋 here is what I painted yesterday night after our rehearsal.

Barn owl... they are such fascinating animals! I have always found the sight of a barn owl perched on a ruin or a Celtic cross quite magical. I have always been fascinated by everything Celtic as you can probably understand by my forearm tattoo (music, culture, symbols... but nothing surprising as I lived in Brittany for 3 years) so it was natural for me today to dive into this Celtic culture that is also part of Irish culture. Barn owl is probably my spirit animal, I love all owls but especially barn owls so I could not resist painting one on this cross. Will you walk at dusk and look for the vigilant watch of barn owl? Will you get scared or rather pleased when faced with such a beautiful bird? I for one will stop moving and observe the barn owl silently until it flyes away chasing her prey.

Also I share with you what I was listening while painting it... "gentle heart" by joshua Hyslop (and all of his song)

But also Radical faces (any song)

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Unknown member
Jul 30, 2022

I enjoyed this post thanks for sharing


Amazing details!

You should meet my partner; fascinated by owels too!!


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