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There are no strangers in this room...

Hello! Hope you are all well. This week no need to wait for your weekly art post. I did it just before the rehearsal and finished it while singing. Yes, I am multi-tasking ;) I am still inspired by "Where love dwells" and wanted to do a little something to represent the choir. As for me, this song echoes my own experience with you. I am starting my third year with you (yeah I know where has the time gone?!) and am now well settled amongst you but it took me time. For someone rather shy like me (and far from my country), it was not easy for me to speak to others and after my first year, I knew well only " or ' people in the choir. But I knew by then that it had been an incredible experience and was sad to leave. Last year, I was lucky to join again as I was still in London and, even though I was not there much, I spoke with more people, learned new names (as for the faces right from the start I could have told you were part of the choir if I had seen you in the street), made new friends... Then lockdown came its way and choir became even more important to me than it was before. Those who truly know me will understand how important it now is. I am lucky to be part of this choir and really thankful I found you when I first moved here. So as a thank you note here are two little squirrels, supposed to be Soo and Giles to brighten up your day.

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