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This too shall pass

Hi all, this artwork was inspired by the song "This too shall pass". And with it, I wanted to share a little poem I wrote a few weeks ago. I am slowly coming back to writing poems. Sometimes they are inspired by what I feel, sometimes by what I see (like a park covered in snow), something I ear or sometimes just by a sentence that pops into my mind... This particular one was just inspired by a few words that came into my mind and I turned them into this.

"Sweet darkness, I let you go deep in my soul for too long,

Now it's time I let you go.

You covered me with a blanket but this was all wrong,

Now it's time to let you go.

Your blanket is worn out, light is coming through it,

Now is time I let you go.

You made me fall to bit,

Now it's time to let you go."

Hope you will like it.

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