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You got a friend

"You got a friend" had a profound echo in me, so I decided to paint something related to it.

We might not be able to meet our friends face to face but they are still here to support us. That's what friends are for, they are the family we choose. I wanted to illustrate the proximity and yet the distance we are all experiencing by this little silhouette in the eye, the reflection of a friend coming to see us, to comfort us.

We might not sing as usual but I know that our virtual rehearsal are very important to many of you. We all enjoy chatting together, seeing people that make us smile, that make us laugh, it helps us in many way. That's also what a community choir is for. And in those time we are living I find important to remember that supporting each other, even in small ways can make a big difference, be kind to your friend and family, to strangers, to people you barely know, as it is little acts of kindness and love that keep the darkness at bay. I send you all lots of love, Alex.

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How beautiful!



Blessed with such amazing talent!!


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