Virtually - The end of another week...

Updated: Jun 5

We're nearly there for our first Virtual Choir piece, How Can I Keep From Singing. The audio is 95% done and you can listen to the current version here: Have a listen - we sound just like a choir and this is our first attempt, so the next one will be stellar!

We had nearly 50 people at our Tuesday rehearsal so please keep coming and if you've not made it so far we'll be there again next week. A few of us hung around for a gossip and a drink afterwards in the virtual pub.

During next next week's rehearsal we are going to record our 'performance' video for the Virtual Choir piece. Tell no-one, it's smoke and mirrors, but we'll be singing along to our own track and recording the video to go with the audio. You can see what a not particularly good recording looks like, from the Tenors & Basses here:

We're dressing (from the waist up at least!) for the performance, so please wear black and something in NHS Blue for any colour that you'd like to add.

See you online on Tuesday at 7:30 - check your WCC email for Zoom meeting details.


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