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Heartbeat song

Hello :)

this week artwork is not directly linked to any song but rather on the effect music and singing have on me.

Listening to music has always been cathartic for me, it has always been of great help in any moment of my life. Whether I am happy or sad doesn't matter, music will always accompany me. Singing has had an even bigger impact on my life from a very young age. I always sang, even in the classroom (my teachers were not really happy with this) when we were studying other subjects. Singing is really meaningful for me and has been a lifeline for many years. When, after surgery, I was stuck in my flat for 1 month, my only escape was my weekly Opera rehearsal and the concert. I had crutches and could barely walk but it was such a relief to be out! That's why I join WCC, because singing was so important to me ( I don't regret this decision as I already told you) so this artwork is my heartbeat song, a tribute to how I fell when I hear music, when I sing my heart and soul feel free, far from any trouble or darkness

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