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living memory


it's been a long time since I last create something inspired by a song... life has a way of carrying us away and life kept me very very busy. It's also been a while since I last joined a rehearsal but last time I was there, there were some sentences in Pete's latest song that made my imagination sparkle. It was perfectly fitting for a project that I have been planning for years without being able to finalise it. It is a very personal artwork, far more than any I have done before. Maybe I should start with what inspired me right? So without giving too much away from the song that is still a secret from the public the lyric that got me was "try to keep the memories alive, light the flame let it burn, sing their song at every turn" because it's something I believe is true, a memory, be it of someone we lost or a moment in time, will live on as long as someone will be here to remember it and make it live. So here I am, keeping the flame of the one I lost, keeping their memories alive in every breath I take, every single day, as they are part of me, they made me who I am by being part of my life and I will continue to carry their story and memory.

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Lovely, lovely lovely, Alex! Fine work.

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