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One more walk in Ireland

So as we are in the final phase of recording ourselves for the Irish Blessing, I am taking you one more time to the green land. For me, Ireland as a lot of symbols, like the Celtic cross, the shamrock, the Claddagh ring, the harp, the Leprechaun, the Celtic knot... But also the sheep! When I was a child my uncle went to Ireland and brought me back a little blackface sheep plush. I loved it and kept it with me at all time. So it has become one of the symbol of Ireland for me. So close your eyes and let me guide you now.

We are back in Ireland. Do you remember the last time I took you on a walk? Well, this time we are still walking those green landscapes. The weather is nice, the sky is blue, the birds are singing... but listen, what is this noise? Oh, look behind the small wall! We have some visitors. Or maybe some new companions for the rest of our journey? Aren't they cute? It looks like the lamb wants so cuddles.

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