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Time to remember


Hope you're all doing great.

I am sorry for the previous two weeks but I could not use my wrist and then had college exams on top of my full-time work so sadly had no time to paint.

 The rest of the choir as animals will come next week if not before but while you wait, here is my latest artwork on this very special day of remembrance.

I always celebrated the remembrance days in France, and, since I moved here I kept on doing so. I wear poppies, give to the British Legion, pay tribute... I was delighted to sing "Time to remember" yesterday as it is a lovely and poignant song.

One of my first concert with the choir, actually the second one, was at Morden town hall on the Remembrance day. It was not a real concert as we were in the crowd to help them singing with Soo's children choir but anyway. They did this song and the lyrics stroke me, overall the "we only have tomorrow because they gave us their today". It was the centenary of the armistice. I can remember my day as if it was yesterday... I went to the ceremony at the war museum, then headed to the Royal Opera house for a crafty day (did a poppy there with paper and a bullet) and went to the concert. I was so proud of taking part in this. At the end, we went out and lit the torch before a minute of silence. It was such a poignant moment...

I come from a family that is fond of History, so, since a very young age, I learnt about it, visited museums, historical places... For my 10th birthday, I asked to go to the D-day beaches in Normandy, I took part (with a group), and won, a contest in wich we had to produce a kind of thesis about "work in a concentration camp". For this, I met a survivor of nazi camps, and then visited the only camp we have in France... Powerful experience that taught me a lot.

Maybe my feelings were biased as my  great grandad fought in both wars. One was even sent in Poland to work in a farm for Nazi, he escaped 5 times but was always taken again...

My great grandpa (on my mom's side) was even the tallest soldier in his class. I have his medal with his ID number and usually carry it with me for the ceremonies. So you can see that my family history probably lead me to love History.

That's why today I wanted to pay tribute to all the young mens (and not so young) who gave their lives in a conflict. May we never forget the lesson History taught us and the lives it cost.

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